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    Article: what do guinea pigs eat

    December 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

    Thank you for this great website–think of how many guinea pigs (and their humans) you’ve helped! Fruits in any kind only as a snack because of its fructose. Well – everything shown in the green list above without hints could be a good start! They should not because cabbage like sprouts may cause indigestion. With an insatiable diet comes the responsibility to learn what constitues a proper guinea pig diet. I’m constantly telling pig she can’t eat meat. Thank. Of course vegetables does not replace hay. When you say Guinea pigs can eat branches, is it of a tree…? From what i have read so far cherry Branches and leaves cannot be fed to guinea pigs. Rabbits do the same thing! fruit snacks guinea pig diet guinea pig food guinea pig food guide guinea pig snacks. It is just the same and fattening also. I want to expand their diet because I want them to be as healthy as possible. Daily in high amounts is that ok. According to Petco, because guinea pigs are herbivores, their diet should consist of hay, pellets, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit. Guinea pigs are natural herbivores and eat grasses, vegetables, fruits, and hay in the wild- pretty much any vegetation they can get their claws on. Fresh hay has to be provided all time. He loves them. If we get to draw a chart of guinea pig’s diet, then hay would be written as the most important part followed by vegetables and pellets. Sorry one more question. Stone fruits like peaches or nectarines contains (for cavy organism) much hydrogen cyanide and should not be provided. we just gave my son a cavie for his bday and he is so happy with her and feeds her from his mouth.Is that dangerous? Can we give our guinea pigs forsythia leaves? Please have a look here:   That means that they just eat fruits and veggies—no dairy, eggs, meat, or insects for these little guys. 0. One is soft and nutritious, and the guinea pigs re-ingest this to get more nutrients. Yes it is ok but try to vary the diet. What would be a good extension of my girl’s diet? Generally. You can use these as extra-special offerings to help bond with your guinea pig or as treats for training. Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals – that is to say that they feed almost exclusively on plant material. Provide it as a snack rarely. What do guinea pigs eat. My “Piglet” absolutely loves cilantro! Starting with the green of carrot may be a good start (most of them really like it like cucumber). Safe cucumber parts for your pet Guinea pigs can eat … What do guinea pigs like to eat in the wild? First I’d like to say this website has helped in my research and I am pretty educated on different parts of care, but I am not too confident in some info I’ve received for other owners and websites on what is the safest lotion/ moisturizer for skinny pigs, seeing that I am going to be an owner of one soon! There is very much you can feed your Guinea Pigs. Can I just buy dried bay leaves at the market or are those different? Does any one else’s little piggie beg for food that’s being cooked? You should also give your guinea pig pellets that are specially formulated to match their nutritional needs. May take color on urine and feces. May take color on urine. And of course make sure it never eat it again! What is best? Be careful of calcium intake. Vegetables and fruits are great treats to offer your guinea pig. That is because the digestive passage of guinea pigs is designed to absorb fiber found in dry grass. Dried cilantro should only be provided moderate. So I was wondering if it would be okay to feed my Guinea pig grass in our lawn, but I’m worried because the grass is treated with fertilizer. Do guinea pigs eat their babies? Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Rich in vitamin C. Feed rarely. My two are only 11 weeks and they definitely need pellets, veggies and especially hay daily!! Hi I am wondering why Holly is not considered ok for g.pigs I find mine love it and it’s considered a great tonic for rabbits? Have a look at:

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