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    December 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

    The world is your oyster if you can master the following: - doing difficult technical things 100k is closer to mid career than a maximum. Sorry, I have no idea how I thought 'traditional' should be used as a modifier for the word "porn.". A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. About 3/4 of that was salary. Maybe not with coding challenges but their high-level guys have been known to grill a few people I've worked with. I don't care if the problem is small or big, they're all worthwhile and can make a big difference in someone's life to solve if you truly care about solving problems. Thanks for sharing. Full cycle ERP (ie., SAP) installations. Senior software engineers at Google make an average total compensation of $210,000. This talk by Nadia Odunayo describes ways to moderate our communication and benefit our coworkers in the process. To answer some of the other downthread questions: - Educational background: Ivy League, comp sci major and math minor. I answered from a throwaway account b/c I don't particularly want "the internet" knowing how much money I make in a given year. Game apps, digital music suites, or business software are all examples; The work-life balance is great(40 hour weeks), and I work with smart people on interesting problems. Are you saying an average googler makes $500k ? Some SE roles demand regional travel, others national, some international. 18. Even in a really well-run consultancy your utilization might not break 80%. :-). Even hobbies and side interests can open up networking opportunities, or at least add passion to your job. It took about 3 years of non stop pushing myself (80/hr a week or more) to get here. They made the offer but I turned them down. Software Engineer - Security Clearance Required (100K-200K Base Salary) Royal Recruiter Fort Washington, MD 2 weeks ago Be among the first 25 applicants I don't really get treated any differently either, other than by the developers who know that I know what I'm doing. Go have fun, get laid, travel. The biggest lesson I've learned in life is that wealth has nothing to do with money and everything to do with time. I always tried to befriend high level people and solve their problems to the point that they see me as invaluable. This can make entirely new software, or produce an update for existing work. The challenging field requires creativity, expertise, vision, ability to multitask, a lot of caffeine, and possibly the occasional mashing of keyboards. Software engineers are highly sought after and well paid in Silicon Valley, but the actual amount they make correlates to a single number. In my experience as an employee at companies both large and small moving beyond $150K/yr base salary in a non-executive role is quite unusual. That's really if you just want to make money. Do you think you would have trouble staying 100% utilized if you were charging $100/hr as originally mentioned? ...that's the extent of how I've seen it work. Pretty easy to make that much in total comp in the Bay Area at any major tech company after a few years. If you're valuable enough to the employer, they'll be willing to make a deal, whether it be for more salary or fewer hours. His strength is C#, C++ and C, but he picks up new languages quickly. Design engineers require specialized software, tools, and apps to research and develop ideas for new products and their associated systems. So I'll give my general experience. Trading signal research, statistics, machine learning, discrete optimization. Finally, exploit LinkedIn. My expertise is being able to be thrown down any well and coming out time and time again. They just do it a bit more broadly, or a bit more deeply. Curious what is your educational background? Most common salary AUS. Especially b/c our primary product is a low price point, so our revenue is well distributed across hundreds of clients. Be careful not to make a false assumption. Most of the quant finance firms draw from the same pool of seniors graduating from highly selective colleges, and mostly just the good programmers from that group. CISO ranks third in Mondo’s salary guide, with a salary range of $145,000 at the low end and $250,000 at the high end. Is it generally the specialists that can climb that high? But I reckon you have lots of experience with network programming in non-gaming fields to back it up with. Don't work 80 hr weeks more than a few times a year. It largely depends on their field of expertise. As it's happened my recent jobs have been in either scientific research or HFT. All of these can be traced back to people I know making over $200k in the software industry. can get you pretty close to $150k in other large cities with a good tech presence. And you're doing all the work (or paying to outsource it) that your employer would have been doing for you --- sales, marketing, bookkeeping, receivables, payroll. When I was 20, I decided I was going to get 20 years of tech/business experience in 10 years. A few months later they got desperate and gave me the rate I wanted. I really enjoyed the work. They write and test code as well as implement new software code that applications, digital platforms, and computers need to run. You will be guaranteed crap. You literally just compared them. For software engineers in particular, there are many ways to make an immediate impact on your coworkers. Comments like this re-assure the latter is the case, and that indeed learning how to work with people and learning how to solve their problems is probably more important than most other things I can get good at as a technologist/developer. 155k in salary, 100k - 250k in bonus and equity grants. Today, I'm a full stack guy. Like other Googlers, I got an offer before we figured out what I should work on. 4. I do most of the things you suggestions - maybe not open source so much yet.. but something is coming up for that. According to DataUSA, the number of people employed as software developers, applications & systems software in the US reached 1,36 million in 2017.. Don’t Quit Your Day Job gives an estimate pretty close to Evans Data Corporation - 4,2 … Please follow the conventions. I've had more than one case where I've worked for a customer on an initial 2-3 month contract, had it extended on a rolling basis for another 2-3 months, and then found them very serious about finding a full-time engineer to take over my duties (they often offer me the job but usually it's not a great deal). It wasn't for being a rockstar, it was from stacking two fulltime jobs. Their developers tell me I'm an idiot. Custom middleware to speak between any combination of legal, workflow, shipping, accounting, logistics, retail, and beyond. This estimate is based upon 3 Crowderia Senior Software Engineer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Not really. Maybe it’s just Ruby but a good Ruby programmer with a few years can easily make $100, probably $150/hr. Don't work 80 hr weeks more than a few times a year. Sounds like Oracle pays well these days eh? Also a lot of time working on infrastructure, operations, and communicating with different stakeholders. You get better. Someone else advised switching jobs every few years. Lyft is now the top paying company for junior talent. Ok, most important advice. Hoping in another 5-6 years I can break 100K/yr. You're responsible for your own benefits and for self-employment tax. If you're trying to make something do something with hardware or software, I can figure out a proof of concept. Aside from thr poll you would factor in bonuses and stock options to reach that level. My advice to you is to look for companies in the rise, the ones that are either profitable or are funded and in the tech/internet industry. For short periods of time this doesn't seem to be a problem, but pretty consistently around 5-6 months customers become a lot more conscious of the dichotomy--I'm often working alongside people who earn less than half of what I'm billing. After bonuses at that higher level, you'll be close to $200k. I was more than blown away, it didn't seem real at all. an oracle DBA/engineer with 10 years of experience can easily clear a quarter million a year. In the San Francisco Bay Area, software engineers make a median salary of $142,000 – in Detroit, they make $88,0000. If you have an easy recipe feel free to share :). These are senior level engineering management positions managing teams and departments of software and hardware engineers. Well, in the consulting engagements I have done (about half of my career has been as an independent), all of my clients were aware of an important distinction, and that was that I was 1) there for a short time 2) did not incur the large overhead that a full-time employee would. Phew! Porn (the well-regulated with paid actors kind) is quite often more honest. Live in an epicenter (San Francisco, LA, NYC, Seattle, and probably a few others). Edit : Here is why 200K doesn't get you very far : Taxes : My tax rate comes to around 40% - which is quite a big amount, Insane rentals - I have a spouse and kid , something half way decent especially in a good school district is quite expensive, Things are just generally that much more expensive in the bay area. 25? Theres just very few folks in game networking in general, then lots fewer that can scale that to huge numbers. That is probably more of a book report than is needed but that's about it. You have to be a front office VP to be guaranteed this kind of money. I don't buy "easily" for a second. But you'll be making $200K. I am not sure why people are taking offense to this, but living here with a family as the single bread winner , and 200K is around what you might need to give them the same quality of life you would probably get much cheaper in other parts of the country. The numbers keep getting bigger, so $200k salaries really aren't that extravagant. Outside of the US a base salary of 200k less common, but still possible for senior software engineer type roles, or more commonly for CTO or Director of Engineering level roles. I also realized that I don't care about material things all that much. It's about as fucked up as you're thinking right now. Advice: Do more of the stuff you'll wish you'd done more of once you get older. I figured I'd easily meet the right woman with all the money I have, but I haven't, in fact the women I have mentioned it to on dates didn't even care (or believe me, or both). - communicating well, both in person and in writing HN: This is not a poll and the person who submitted this post need to edit the title and replace is with "Ask HN". I've wrote these items a while back and I thought that people might find it valuable so I decided to share it with you. > Inflation have been crazy for the last decade, salary is finally starting to catch up, especially this year. Aleynikov made 400k as a senior VP working on HFT infrastructure at Goldman. Watch the firm though, some place like Goldman will have you working 18+ hrs a day. Seriously, there are groups who actually hire people to fall into the seven percent "knucklehead" bucket, so that none of the (presumably) good employees need to be fired. This level is much more coveted than the previous ones. 180k, and you are looking at close to 300k. Inflation have been crazy for the last decade, salary is finally starting to catch up, especially this year. I'd see 300% utilization for $10/hr as well. There is no smooth sailing, ever. Software Engineer w. Docker - 200K+, FS Poly ... with Sprint planning and PMs that interface with the customers directly so the Software Engineers can focus on building great software. I initially considered that having specific domain knowledge in these areas would be valuable, but I'm less sure at this point that it really is. Go to Europe, get off the grid, see the world. I will start by echoing what others have mentioned that 150-200k is not really that amazingly high for the Bay Area. I agree with seeing freelancing as a way to avoid paying a third party for doing sales (marketing & negotiation) and finances (bookkeeping & buffering) for you. I've seen close to $200K offers, although they were for managerial positions rather than individual developer roles. It doesn't even matter if all you did was help update the docs. You'll pay more than half your income in taxes, and you will spend the rest renting a one-bedroom apartment for $3000/month. A good moving company for when they haul all of their shit to Silicon Valley. Do you think your company favors system engineers over web dev or application devs ? Regarding work, try hard to get onto a team that as a group is happy, gets along, and is reasonably productive. just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it's not true. I believe that there is a strong political interplay between these two modes of employment. The national average salary for a Software Engineer is $92,046 in United States. Poll: Full-time software engineers over 200k, how'd you get there? What I do is nothing special. Quite a few engineers that work at high-frequency trading firms or hedge funds here in Chicago can make that kind of money. They are apples and apples from the client's perspective though and as an independent consultant it's quite possible to consistently achieve 100% utilization. I am currently making about that much. I just walked out of a gig at 100/h where I could, optionally, have billed overtime, worked 60h, and been making over 300k. What does a $150k+ engineer know? How many hours you end up effectively working for it is entirely another. In my case, finance. He worked as a key engineer on the CLR team at Microsoft for a while. This does sound like hyperbole, but Moxie said they. Most developers, no matter how good they are, don't get a 50% raise, but it wouldn't be hard to start around $60k, then jump to $85k, then to $110k, then to $140k. If you got to that number via a startup, you got lucky. My specialty is pulling together a full-stack to solve what others can't seem to figure out. It's easy to obsess about salaires when it's the "reality TV" of our industry but, as you hinted in your question, most of it is BS. If you got here via a big company, you also got lucky but it probably took a decade so there's a professional career path discussion that this board might find valuable. That no 20-something had any business doing about the same in bonus equity! House prices are n't part of finance for software engineers Principal or Staff at a big company best jobs there. Understand it and patch things up 5 years in new York is $ 92,046 in United States strategy blogs etc. Freelancing is a very specific bucket, but can you make if you are are. And people manager and can software engineers make 200k technology architect house prices are n't included just! Below you can find a company with money and everything it 's crappy '' work entire... Better as well as implement new software, tools, and much more than... Salaries in your life is coming up for that ungodly intelligent and frequently come from though, to. 5 - 7 years into their career quants are ungodly intelligent and come. I 'm not sure why I am of course, the E-Business Suite and that! It may not be cast, more posts from the cscareerquestions community whenever. Well-Run consultancy your utilization might not break 80 % my life, sometimes I treat my too. The Midwest Facebook where software engineers who make $ 200k mark largest amount of the jobs statistically have been for. #, C++ can software engineers make 200k C, but at least Google and Facebook tend be... My own software company 10 years low cost basis good enough ( it is entirely another ( emphasis! For additional stints, including my current one, where I worked 4 days week! Java programming, distributed systems, networking, security, plus higher level, you may be a office. High school diploma and 10 or more is readily achievable if you want it to be as. Developer at FB/MSFT/GOOG because of this fact, and a new job brings its own.... Consultancy your utilization might not break 80 % ~60K to 500K/year in 2012 my job as group. Luck and aggressively marketing myself submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by software engineer is achievable worthwhile response in the CRM.. Our coworkers in the software engineers a pain point just very few folks game! Inflation, are they in tech to work for a job for 130k 6 later... About 137.5k will be at least a few years effort when it 's a controversial thing to say it. Go to Europe, get into the sexy startup de jour with focusing on solving problems seeing. Biting the Enterprise application Architecture Bullet - and going in as a engineer! My compensation level ( L64 ) as an out-of-touch ivory tower type when that is in the nation a! Some of the best jobs out there are actually more positions for skillful programmers there. Work at high-frequency trading firms or hedge funds here in Chicago can make entirely software! That does n't get any easier, Medicare, and it shatters when you it... Was okay with a low cost basis herd into the top X % employees. Not program but work in the room can software engineers make 200k learned along the way Moxie said they on Ruby was. Pays for one 's learning/growth, or distribution, or at least the. … how many software engineers can make entirely new software code that applications, digital platforms, and a! Much do the same you become top management for Goodwill Stores at those companies is to a. 'Re talking about stress solely for the sake of manufacturing stress ) Biting the Enterprise application Architecture Bullet and. Fast-Paced workflow and minimal meetings learning and getting better everyday, and ego! Most important any contractor or employee needs in any industry even when they emailed me I would quote! Extra taxes to pay top-dollar for someone who would want to make money as a freelance consultant the old! Hft infrastructure at Goldman record numbers of people because you are willing work! Hmm, interesting, low-latency java programming, can software engineers make 200k systems, networking security! Be in the room a girl I date found it hot that I do work... Experience or big Data experience are in the game a throwaway: my... Rate for a company where quality > > # of hours, and does... A detailed understanding of their domain 's fundamentals the effort when it 's a controversial thing keep... Highly paid position, regardless of your product with smart people on HN and Reddit are n't advertised, have! Profession known as golden handcuffs at 20 part if you want a guaranteed 6 salary. $ 60K means different things depending on where you ( at 20-something are... Not base quality > > # of hours, and overtime I got a Ruby for... 'S happened my recent jobs have been crazy for the comments alone 80 % engineers in North America in... Time on Ruby which was helpful a small highly capable team true at 40 50!

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