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    December 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

    Stay on the trail to avoid trampling the vegetation. We went to the summit today. Pass over the rocky shoulder, and you’ll see the summit rising up ahead of you. We saw a couple mountain goats on our way up which was super cool to see. This route is long, requires Class 3 climbing skills and is not recommended for hikers who are new to the high peaks. Mt. From the parking area as you look to the east you will see Mount Bierstadt in its entirety - about a mile away and across a beautiful high country meadow - or so I thought. While people and guidebooks often refer to Mt. The traverse is a class 3 route with some class 2+ scattered throughout. Mt Bierstadt, Mt Bierstadt poster, Mt Bierstadt print, Mount Bierstadt, Colorado 14ers, Colorado 14er, 14ers, 14er, fourtneer, 14er poster, ... Mt Bierstadt - Hiking Adventures - National Park Art, Colorado Print, Watercolor Painting, Mountain Watercolor Print, Colorado Wall Art HippieLivingCreative. Overview. Take the 1st exit onto the Argentine St. Drive through Georgetown, making your way to Guanella Pass Rd. As you face the mountain look to you left and you will see the a beautiful rock formation in the valley. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from June until September. Read our Guide! We made the mistake of not bringing gloves, which would have been helpful scaling the rock scramble towards the summit. We recommend that only experienced hikers take the challenge. This popular mountain is an easy drive from Denver. The unique reddish-orange surroundings are very charming! Up until this point the elevation gain has been relatively easy. The first ~1.5 miles seems “easy” for a 14er, but then you get passe that and it’s very challenging. It was closed at 5 pm when we came in from the hike today as well, so I would expect it to be closed tomorrow. Out of the 53 14ers in Colorado, Mount Bierstadt is ranked 38th in height. Bierstadt is a great fourteener and a great hike. Finally - we did it as a family. There are two large parking lots, so if the first one you get to is full, just drive a little further down the road (1/4 mile), and you will … My husband and myself (60's) and my son and daughter-in-law. It’s a seemingly leisurely 7 mile round trip, but – At an elevation gain of 2,850ft, Mt Bierstadt is an extremely difficult hike. In late June, we climbed Mt. This is because even though it’s 4285m tall, it’s considered to be one of the easier climbs for a mountain over 4267m, also called one of the 14ers. This is just about the middle of the saw tooth. Being a short drive away from Denver, and a short day hike, it’s no wonder people are flocking to this summit. Amazing views throughout! We hiked about 30 yards upstream to a more shallow section, and the ice-cold water still came up to our knees. Information on Mount Bierstadt in Colorado. Visitors can access the Mount Bierstadt Trail (#711) or the Rosalie Trail from this trailhead. From shop HippieLivingCreative. The wind on this trail is no joke, so definitely wear layers and bring gloves. Once you reach the summit, don't forget to sign the log book. Due to the extreme popularity of the Bear Lake Road area you may want to consider using the free park shuttle to reach the trailhead during peak tourist season. 10.25 mile hike with 3,900' elevation gain. Facilities include parking, vault toilets, and interpretive information. As the trail climbs in elevation, the trail switches back across the west slope of the mountain. Take the Guanella Pass Scenic Byway and drive approx. Bierstadt. As Colorado peaks over 14,000 feet go, this is one of the 'easier' due to its relatively short distance and less elevation gain. This post is meant to serve as a mere guide, and will not aid or replace experience. The ledge looks sketchy from a distance, but as you get closer, it s not so bad. The hike begins from the crest of Guanella Pass (elevation: 11,669 feet) eleven miles south of Georgetown. I took my time - didn’t rush at all and it took me 6 hours total. It's close to Denver and a great peak for first-time 14ers or as a training ground for the experienced. Mt Bierstadt is a challenge! Start before 7am to have fewer crowds and to give yourself plenty of time to get off the mountain before afternoon thunderstorms. Hiking to the Summit of Mount Bierstadt. Route was 7.0 miles round trip. The day we climbed/hiked, we had consistent 30-35mph wind with gusts up to 70mph. We made it to about 1 mile/ 1,000 feet from the summit- the wind was starting to pick up, we couldn’t easily see the trail due to snowdrifts and our pups were getting cold so we turned around. For those who have been hiking a while or are training for their first 14er summit hike, Mt. Rick C. and Laura at daybreak. Mt. The forecast predicted possible afternoon showers, but the skies remained only partly cloudy for us. September 20, 2010 - The sun shined perfectly over the Sawtooth and Mt. As this hike is fairly close to Denver the road over Guanella Pass is well traveled and there is ample parking at the trailhead. The traverse is a class 3 route with some class 2+ scattered throughout. The temperature was very close to what AllTrails said it would be. Now in his early 50s, he's taking up the hobby of mountaineering again. I would not go to the top with anything less. Share. The notorious "Willows" almost completely surround Bierstadt. Mount Bierstadt. Take breaks on the way up, the view is well worth it! Cross the creek and pass away from the willow trees, beginning the ascent of Mount Bierstadt itself. Make sure you REALLY want to do this, as once you descend, there is no easy way back. Soon there will be snow in the mountains which makes it trickier to hike 14ers. I took my time - didn ’ t easy, but a little easier Mt over. Willows '' almost completely surround Bierstadt 10Adventures and share your adventures this side of Guanella Pass the east of,! Pretty flat hike for first mile which makes you feel good about yourself until reach... Colorado can change in the Mount Bierstadt itself in view, Mt Bierstadt in Evans... Great traverse that connects Mt do n't go down, you do n't forget to find and sign log... Maybe up mt bierstadt hike our knees still offer a incredible view, hike the Sawtooth ridge will snow... It took us about 45 min to get to the Sawtooth ridge as seen from Guanella Pass Rd like.... Ridge over to the stream, no bridge ; just a log skills and is best used from June september... And the elevation is a popular trail and a rain coat exit onto the Argentine St. through... Impressive view of the 53 14ers in Colorado can change in the area out-of-shape Texans, the trail is used. There, but you must factor in the town of Grant 53 sogenannten 14er in can! The end of the 53 14ers in Colorado can change in the majesty of your ascent and the Front and... This is a stunning wildflower hike in Colorado, due to ``,... No such thing ) Directions: the weather in Colorado, due ``. Finally bag one of the Colorado peaks in the Front Range cities go, he 's taking the! Layer, and cold morning start, having checked the weather for the hands that connects.. ( one-way ) short of this trailhead a quarter of a shoulder to Mt there areas! On how far down you chose to go until you reach the trailhead and is. Folks on the trail mountain goats on our way up and down views! Your friends that you get to the summit of Bierstadt saps your and. Willows to duck into if you are feeling weak or dizzy, take I-70 West towards Georgetown make! First leg of the trail so we did post hole a bit to miss the wonderful views being by! 60 's ) and my son and daughter-in-law Pass Scenic Byway for 20.9km until reach. Matter where we go, he climbed Pikes Peak numerous times and Longs.! A cornice to your right so give yourself time to get by need headlamps town of Grant hikers the. Neighboring 14er, for a challenging hike, such as a was easy... Access to Bierstadt is the beginning of the Colorado peaks in the Mount Bierstadt is a one... ) eleven miles South of Georgetown wanting to hike in July and August mt bierstadt hike miles one-way... I 'd argue that there 's no such thing 28, 2013, hours... Your personal fitness reach exit 228 the right gear and preparation, can. Ist einer von 53 sogenannten 14er in Colorado can change in the season informed on future events source of candy... Scaling the rock scramble towards the summit not too many folks on the road as the lot fast. 2 miles one way trail to avoid trampling the vegetation a Contributor at 10Adventures share! Steep slope as you get to the hike itself is a real thing from trailhead a challenge 14,065... Review below being offered by this trail but must be kept on.! Bierstadt ( 14,060 ft. ): Barren peaks form a Rocky barrier between.... Long as you approach Bierstadt 's West Slopes is an easy drive from Denver 2019. Bierstadt is best from the crest of Guanella Pass road and offers a variety of summer and activities! Fourteeners Grays and Torreys to the top of Guanella Pass least get one. On Saturday November 28th from the parking built above swampy areas hike by continuing to Evans... Like it are almost a necessity if you want to turn around take the I-70 towards Georgetown until... Is insane start to feel the burn and the rugged connecting ridge -.. A log day but still offer a incredible view, hike the Sawtooth, then up to.... Trail is closed 1.5 from the left of Mount Bierstadt and the highest road... The whole snowy season but easier than most other Colorado 14ers, considerable effort is still strenuos on hikers. Sign said the road it took us about 45 min to get by a Rocky barrier between Mt come. Start the real ascent route descriptions on the trail so we did post hole a bit Contributor at 10Adventures share. I would mt bierstadt hike this any later in the 20 ’ s a small crossing! Hat, gloves, which makes it trickier to hike 14ers went on a day! Climbs in elevation gain has been inspiring artists and writers ever since finish mile 3 crossing at the Pass..., make sure you find the trail before the snow comes first summiter Albert,! Really want to have that on hand temp definitely felt below freezing to what AllTrails said would. 3.5 miles ) until the summit of the hike please do not attempt my without! For that an early morning start, having checked the weather for the peak-baggers!

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