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    155 notes. The Crown Prince falls off the ladder and onto Yeon-Woo. one of the best korean dramas that i have ever watched....good work mbc,love ur drama! What a very touching story,i cried a lot because of these drama :D, khayie Jul 23 2012 5:29 am It was quite interesting initially with the story of their childhood and it got really boring on their adulthood story. The Korean dramas are wonderful but so difficult to get with the English subbs. can't wait for new eps! Truly One Of The Best Dramas You Will Ever Watch. Noor Sep 24 2014 4:12 am This was the second time for me to see Jeon Mi-Sun in a drama. watch its several times, still crying. Islaha MT Apr 27 2016 4:21 pm I m so excited to see this drama :D He worked with William Cross (who later became the villainous Crossfire) and his own brother, Randall Spector. Her character is annoying. Khonshu then appears and tells Moon Knight that in order to kill the creature, he will need the Sapphire Crescent, an artifact that was a part of the original sculpture of Khonshu. Ari, barely conscious at this time, asks Nok-Young to protect someone. Eclipses are rare because they can only take place when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are all aligned. Moon Knight then finds out that the person he just rescued was a Ukrainian crime boss dying from cancer, that made him question himself about being a hero. I bet, he's the best actor of his generation. It is a great and excellent drama, is a pleasure to watch except quite disappointed in Ga In s acting, does not have facial expression , the kids acts really really well,it is really very touching in the first 6 episode,thanks to the Director and the writer for this beautiful piece of drama. please, don't do that!!! One of the best dramas I've seen! He has also worn body armor made out of carbonadium that he claimed was as durable as adamantium but much more flexible. lorh~i've been waiting since yesterday and didn't know it has been postpone TT TT, momo2012 Mar 08 2012 7:02 pm Moon Knight has employed a variety of other weapons including a pair of silver coated cestus which were armored gauntlets like ancient boxing gloves with spiked knuckleguards to increase damage that they inflicted when he punched an opponent, particularly certain supernaturally enhanced individuals like werewolves. LOVE this drama!!! That's how I watch Korean dramas, overnight. It's so boring and draggy. She was in the top 3 of Sejabin selection, it must explain how she was as bright as Yeon-woo, only lack the kind heart. Instead, he refocused his financial empire and created his own company SpectorCorp while he dedicated himself towards more urban street crimefighting over the more cosmic, supernatural evil that he previously battled under Khonshu's influence. Wish they will make more dramas like this!!!! They were able to show more the after life of the two leads leaving happily .. trully one of the best historical kdrama i've watched :), Arif Se. Ratings: Moon hits another high with 23.4%, Captain follows with 9.8%, and Wild Romance with 6.2%. Marc made a new deal to save Anubis' wife Anput from the Overvoid in exchange for the return of Crawley's soul and passage back to Khonshu. Lastly, i ask myself if all mothers passes through what Yang Mi-Kyeong passed through in this drama?, because she did not leave room for doubt as to how mothers do react to the trauma of losing one's child who is already in the peak of achieving what would have been a life changing experience for the family. In the House of M reality, he was a CIA operative before Magneto's reign of mutant supremacy. From episode 1 until last episode..I dont think others historical drama can beat this drama. i really love this drama much...cant wait to watch it. An unusual plot but still likeable due to the script, scenes, costumes, the whole package was great. kim min seo and lee min ho from sungkyunhwan scandal?! This is one of my favorite korean dramas that I loved when I was a child. i really love this drama !! In the middle of the chaos, Khonshu is still persuading Moon Knight to kill for him, but to no avail. and i am sure many people is having fun and was very inspired by the love story of HEO YEON WOO and LEE HWON!! Elle Mar 15 2012 5:02 pm Moon Knight also has a moon-themed motorcycle and most recently, has employed a white stretch limousine equipped with advanced computers that he uses for crimefighting. The story of this drama is the best. Ari then senses that something horrific is about to happen at the home of Prince Uisung whom she lived at as a servant. It is such a beautiful drama. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=92; Still one of the best dramas I've seen in a while! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Moon Knight saves the boy and left the henchmen for the police, but soon Deadpool picked up where they left off in their previous encounter. When I first read the description Master's Sun, I was kind of skeptical, but this drama is addictive. 07:17PM With a warrant out for his arrest the, C.S.A. Im wondering how lovely if the king's bodyguard is lee min ho like woodalchi chae young aaaakkkkkk.. Thanks to his extensive experience in criminal investigations, Moon Knight has also picked up a surprising degree of skill as a detective including how to profile psychopathic behavior and a broad base knowledge of the criminal underworld. Read 34 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The deity then tells him the Sapphire Crescent's history and that is found in New Orleans. This was such an awesome drama. This may prove that Moon Knight is near immortal. Moon Knight would later become infected by the then-demonically possessed Hobgoblin with a demonic virus which prompted Marc to create a suit of armor which helped contain the virus while he sought a cure to his deteriorating physical condition and was only cured thanks to the mystical aid of Dr. This saeguk is so addicting! Hi unnie You Jung! i just finished episode 4, form this far i think this drama more interesting then sungkyunhwan scandal. Remember Me In this protective suit, Moon Knight was not only shielded from the vengeful ghosts' weapons and fists, but he could conversely touch and hurt them in return. { In fact, they're the ones I watch the most. 9.5 (8,514) 해를 품은 달, The Moon That Conceals the Sun, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, The Sun and the Moon. I mean, seriously, little yeom was the most handsome and good looking child, but seeing how he changed into song jae-hee, I was like :( .... and han ga-in OMG she is sooo pretty, looks like a doll just like kim you jung. The suffix ology is commonly used in the English language to denote a field of study. I watched it 3 times now and everytime I recommend it- I watch it again with that person. Movie soundtrack is beautiful. 1 h 2 min. actually, all the actors were really good in this drama, while the plot and OST went along together very well. I now see why Jung Il Woo scored main leads after watching him in this show as Yangmyeong - oh my aching heart! The cast of characters played very well, emoted their feelings well especially the young prince & the young king. Chief Producer. The best Korean drama. cant wait to see the remaining episodes=). Knowing that he was both physically and psychologically weakened, the Committee overstepped themselves by hiring a thug to physically assault Frenchie and left him hospitalized. RoseIntheRain Jan 22 2012 3:35 pm It is unfortunate that I don't speak Korean! I love the cast and the plot <3 also the evil ones, they are still great for their acting :3 love Bo Kyung (young and old) i think both actresses did very well, Luch Jun 12 2013 10:05 am I don't like her. [CDATA[ I watched it again (for the nth time) and I must say I still enjoyed it that's why I am writing a comment again..This is the drama that made me a Koreanovela addict. 8-Han Ga In tried 2 portray an innocent character but it failed!! I love the romantic cute and so full of love.. It will end on Fri, Nov 2.. I hope that many people will watch The Moon Embracing The Sun because the series promotes good, love, and beauty and leaves us with the full heart and hope. The Moon Embracing The Sun. Han GA In made it even harder for me to watch the drama. The best of the bests. Moon Knight finds that someone has forcibly enter a hospital. This was my first historical drama. Sorry for saying this but i'm not one of her fan. He became a wanted human on the run for "war crimes" against mutants and later a vigilante in New York. Hasbro released a modern Moon Knight figure for the Marvel Legends. Moon Knight was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin and his first appearance was in Werewolf by Night Volume 1 issue 32 in 1975. jujuju Jun 08 2012 2:06 am Keith Dec 29 2012 6:32 am Although Moon Knight was able to overcome Zohar; the mental trauma combined with the act of juggling his different personas put a serious strain on Spector's mental health and he suffered a nervous breakdown and was deemed to be suffering from Multiple Personality Disoder (MPD) or as it later became renamed; Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). You'll love it. SHIELD interrogates several of Marc's friends and contacts, although nothing comes out of them. Sadly, they grew up and the adult cast took over. Moon Knight paid a visit to his criminal contact, the Profile and told him about the Slug and some stolen diamonds that he has. Although the Committee has gone underground, Marc locates the Profile who discovers that he was no match for Moon Knight, and ironically, became an informant for him instead. This drama makes my heart ached a lot of times. Kudos to the writers and all those behind the scene.. cara Sep 25 2015 8:52 am When the first time i knew that Jung Il Woo was in role as Prince, i already doubted it. I am going to watch this drama some time again (: Freakin love this drama so much , i wish there were more episodes ): Anyways its so good . 13+ Subtitles . Profoundly irritating moments, such as a wide array of characters crying for 40 minutes straight. must watch!! I agree with you, Just Say Me, little Yeom is sooo pretty I literally drool everytime he walked in (Siwan is just perfect, I know). Jasmine13Yr Mar 18 2012 4:34 am The best K-drama Ever..but i hate the ending... whyyyy should prince yangmyun die??? LoveKdrama Feb 12 2020 1:40 pm Epic drama, i loved all actors! @anonymousdork - i'm with you! Desperate to prove himself worthy, Midnight infiltrates the Secret Empire and is ultimately captured and is presumed deceased while dressed up as Moon Knight. I think no one can top this.. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Moon Embracing the Sun at From now on they are my number 1 Korean loveteam.. I despise the king, so freaking selfish. LOL. Great Direction and great script.. Bravo to all who had a part in it.... geraldine anne solajes salonga Jan 06 2013 2:23 am LeeAnn Apr 12 2015 6:48 am She should be more look suferring in case with yeon woo's life tragedy. This is my first time writing a review for a drama, and that already says a lot about this drama. yyfishleong Jan 06 2012 8:46 am But I was not dissapointed with the acting of Kim Soo Hyung. His soul was later seen in the Realm of the Dead where he joined Mar-Vell's Army of the Unliving against the Forces of the Dead. I felt i was in the story crying and laughing and sharing those happy as well as unhappy moments together with them, this just proves how everything was just perfectly amazing this drama was, Stuart Hoffenberg Apr 30 2015 1:20 pm RoseIntheRain Jan 22 2012 3:34 pm Moon Knight first fought Spider-Man as he thought that he caused a building to explode, and he later got involved in a gang war between Kingpin and Hammerhead. it must be a happy ending.. iuaddiction Mar 04 2012 12:05 pm I loved these characters! No matter where you are on Earth, you’re always seeing the same side of the moon. Calling himself "Mr Knight" and wearing a white suit and mask, Marc now works with Detective Flint's Freak Beat to investigate Weird Crimes. The Sentry appeared before Moon Knight and reminded him that he can never run from his past and that he will be tested for to prove himself as a hero, to which he replied that he will also be tested as well. Drifting away from his friends and associates, Marc returned to Egypt where he found himself fighting a never ending battle to protect the Khonshu idol, now known as the Re-Animator Stone against the Sons of Seth, a cult of ancient Egyptians who were similarly gifted with immortality thanks to exposure to it. The actress Shin Min-A would have been perfect for the role of grown up Heo Yeon-woo! It was hard to see emotions in her face (but I liked her acting in Bad Guy).Kim You Jung gave more life to the character. Watching this in 2018. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; However the team broke apart and went their separate ways including the Crescent Crusader. Rejecting his father's faith, Marc started out as a heavyweight boxer before eventually joining the U.S. Marines, where he was trained as a commando. In this reality, Moon Knight is one of many heroes that defended Earth from Galactus. And that makes her quite a dull character and boring to watch. I saw it in one week even thou I work 40 hours per week, I have a husband and a Child and I can't stop watching it. I have a question, I've always been really curious, how old is the young crown prince and his halfbrother? mikeebawagan Apr 15 2013 4:55 am 4-the child actor and actress have chemistry BUT BUT Such a good drama! I would easily say this is one of my top favorite dramas to watch! this drama would have been wayyyyy better if joowon had the role! I also liked the characters and the actors, especially kim soo hyun who Wilbur Zamora Oct 30 2017 3:35 am Lee Hwon accidentally sees Wol's handwriting one day, and it seems strangely familiar to him. Though Bushman begs Marc not to take his face again, causing much hesitation for the hero before stopping his act. So hooked on this film.....LOVE it! I love the story. This is amazing! Moon Knight stops him and they go into a brief scuffle until Deadpool gets thrown through a window and escapes. Read unique story pieces & columns written by editors and columnists at National Post. I am looking forward of this. It’s true! Combined with the sun’s, the moon’s gravitational pull creates our tides. This one was different I guess some parts were typical like how the brothers fought for yeonwoo, and how the main girl loses her memory.. Follow "Can I travel back in time?" reygie Oct 19 2013 10:36 pm FINALLY! Kim So Hyun, pemeran karakter Han Ga Eun di drama Ruler: Master of the Mask, bukan pertama kalinya tampil untuk adegan pernikahan kerajaan. Moon Knight has numerous vehicles but his primary mode of transportation is the Mooncopter that is mainly piloted by Frenchie which is an advanced state-of-the-art VTOL which is also virtually silent. base on the ratings i think this is the best korean series of 2012 , probably one of the best korean series of all time . 3.1416 Jan 25 2012 7:39 am It's a small detail but it's driven me crazy and I can't find out why they did that, or even anything about the process for eliminating candidates and it sounds really interesting!! Chu Jun 12 2020 6:32 pm i love kim soo hyun!!!! I was very excited to watch it at first, but it ended up disappointing me. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); I find it weird how they chose han ga in b/c she's so much older than kim soo hyun. The Moon Embracing The Sun EP 9 Eng Sub - Lee Hwon is suspicious of Wol's intention of being his living talisman, in the end he gives the order to expel her from the palace. Weary of his immortal burden, Moon Knight helped fend off the Sons of Seth so that Mar-Vell could gain control of the Re-Animator Stone. Normally i'm not that into period series but this one is exceptional. I just finished watching Rooftop Prince and came up with the conclusion that amongst all the historical dramas I've watched so far, Kim Soo-Hyun and Park Yoo-Chun are the most handsome and good looking kings. Strange's mystical enhancements). Thumbs up for kim soo hyun. i hope this drama has a very happy ending.. I Love You All... Myra Campos Sep 16 2012 8:21 am thanks! Great great acting of kim soo hyun!!! I loved the storyline, and the characters were all really well rounded. (y). I just watched my girlfriend is a kumiho and had to think about moon embracing the sun. this drama is what i call AWESOME!! Watched it many times and never get bored ^^, yeddah marie Oct 18 2012 11:46 pm Afterall this drama is recommended to watch, and the romance between kim soo hyun and han ga-in makes my stomach giggle xixixixi. Kdramaaddicted May 15 2016 10:31 pm ..  :) more power <3. elena Mar 12 2014 11:28 am For the first time in his life, his conscience had awakened, and it troubled him deeply. koobies May 10 2016 8:08 am usually i skip some episodes when i watch dramas, but not this time. Throughout his varied careers as a boxer, marine, commando, and CIA agent, Moon Knight possesses a wide range of skills and abilities including military strategy and tactics, infiltration and stealth techniques, military interrogation and torture techniques, driver evasion techniques, and is a competent pilot who can fly most types of aircrafts. Suddenly, Ronin comes in and pulls him out of the water. i feel in deeply pain, till the last episode.. all characters was incredibly amazing!!! I watched it for so many times and keep repeated it. It is just the best. My #1 korean drama. hehehe mic Mar 25 2012 8:26 am She invites him over after they had some time apart, but it was a ruse by the Sun King, an avatar of Ra, looking to get back at Khonshu. it made the story corney..LOL..i love the love story though ..and kim soo hyun's the best here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't stop watching this! Moon Knight fought his way out with his daughter, Diatrice, but Sun King took Marlene. hello... Source: annersx3. Wonderful job and I really do hope to see more drama staring them in the future..!! The best drama so far.. aspect of the drama (she acted as if she can actually see real visions of the future without changing her expression, but making it look more real than real life prophetesses. You can search for Yang Myung walked into a side street and asked, “When have you known?” Woon stepped out from behind a house, and kept quiet. I swear, I really love this drama more than anything? Apr 30, 2015 12, noon. Source: annersx3. With Mi-seon Jeon, Mi-kyeong Yang, Eung-soo Kim, Eun-pyo Jeong. this drama is it sooo much. Actors are awesome, the setting of the location great, costume and era of its time beautiful. whoa... Bon May 07 2017 7:39 am I already finished watching this Korean drama. in the mean time, song jae-rim LOL this dude is so cool and quiet here i always can't help but laugh when i think of the real life him, Kkb jencel eulalio Jan 06 2015 4:42 am AMAZING. Sutradara; Kim … i really love this drama..For me, this drama is the best of all the dramas i've seen. afrooz Jul 31 2012 2:44 pm #the moon embracing the sun #themoonembracingthesunedit #heo yeon woo #heo yeon wol #lee hwon #mine. Best saeguk drama forever!!!!!! Director. ILOVEYOUALL ..! When he awoke, New York was fine and he was his billionaire identity, Steven Grant. Afterwards, Moon Knight encountered villains that would become part of his own rogues gallery--such as the Midnight Man, Morpheus, Stained Glass Scarlet, and Black Spectre, just to name a few--and teamed-up with Spider-Man a few more times, as well as other heroes such as Daredevil, Iron Man, Power Man and Iron Fist. Saranghe Jung Il Oppa... ^_^. you know ive been following this drama.. anyway, i hope i don't have to wait for the ending!!! Afterwords, Moon Knight went back to his crime-fighting once again. Thao Aug 04 2015 9:57 pm Best show in story and costume though I was never a fan of period drama. A noblewoman (Yang Mi-Kyung), who is pregnant, gets out of the gama and tries to help Ari. Annoyed with Marc's betrayal, Bushman brutally beat Spector and abandoned him in the desert so he would suffer before he died. a heart breaking drama congratulation to all the cast.well done.perfect love story drama ever.:D. I can totally see why this drama was such a big hit. Literally one of the best dramas I've watched. But still his evolution here amazes us, from a high school student to a charismatic king. !Im already anticipating this drama!hwaiting Jung Il oppa.. yoonhye Feb 16 2012 10:40 am I am a huge fan! in my life i've never been excited over a drama ..GOSH!! wenchungling Nov 01 2014 7:36 pm kiRa Feb 04 2012 3:47 am Moon Knight would later try to fight off a gang of punk ghosts; but was unable to harm them. Midnight was then sent to capture the New Warrior Nova and discovered that he was soon to be rendered obsolete as merely one of cyborg grunts while the Empire would rebuild superhumans to enhance their formidable attributes. I really commend the directors, staff and of course the actors and actresses for doing a job well done=)))), dewi Sep 10 2012 7:17 am This is not just an ordinary drama, its contents are deep, you have to analyze and dig deeper into your heart in order for you to contain the feelings and thoughts that the drama is supposed to inscribe into you. no comments about how great prince yangmyung's role is? I love more Yeo Jin Goo than Kim SoHyun. #the moon embracing the sun #themoonembracingthesunedit #heo yeon woo #heo yeon wol #lee hwon #mine. Originally he appeared as the enemy of the titular character in a two issue story arc. I wish I can watch it soon :) i like this drama becuse of jung il woo.hes acting is great.i like him very lot, adele U.S.A Aug 07 2012 1:21 am Prince Yangmyung (later played by Jung Il-Woo) is the older stepbrother of the Crown Prince. He later worked in Roxxon Industries under the name of Paladin until Roxxon fell apart, and later adopted the guise of Moon Knight. This drama was a roller-coaster ride for me. ANGEL LOCSIN Feb 23 2012 9:57 pm Kim Soo-Hyun is cute, nothing special but you could tell he was trying. Am I the only one who thinks that the childhood story was so much better than the adulthood story. I've watched this drama 5 times and I enjoyed all scenes ^_^ A lot of people are saying that they didn't like Kim So Hyun's (young YBK) character but I totally disagree. Cheon sang min May 05 2015 12:01 pm From start to finish, never was I once disappointed! I am sure I am going to watch this drama again. Yoon Dae-Hyung goes back to the palace and tells Queen Yoon about the shaman Court Lady Ari. Please answer if you know. During this period, Moon Knight had enhanced strength, stamina, and reflexes based on the lunar phase of the moon. A moon sample brought back from the 1972 Apollo mission is on display inside the Oval Office. As far as I am concerned, If it were up to me, I would choose the concluding scene of the Episode 19 as this drama series’ finale. His manner had gotten to the point that he completely and irrevocably alienated those around him, especially Frenchie, who came to the conclusion that there was simply no course of action that he could take that could attempt to assist Marc in even the slightest way. Oh Kyung Hoon. Joleen dh May 19 2013 8:04 pm 2012; Korean; Drama; Tonton Episode 1; Bagikan. I love this love story. Their past lives come back to them slowly and in fragments, with Marc the most confused due to his multiple identities. I also saw her in East of Eden. Yeon Woo might be physically hurt but Bo Kyung was emotionally hurt from her teenage years until the day she died. Maybe it was because the child cast left them big shoes to fill in but I felt they could've casted more suitable actors for the roles. When he returns home to his mansion, he finds Marlene in a bloody pulp and is informed that Shadow Knight did this and that the baby she was carrying is now dead. wow! It will be dearly missed! Moon Knight was ultimately rescued from obscurity by the West Coast Avengers, popping up in their comic title where the writers redefined Khonshu from a benevolent magnanimous god into one who was far more manipulative and selfish in the Phantom Rider story arc. Crawley volunteers. Could not leave without just watching one episode, loved it.Tears in my eye, like a river . After realizing that he is kim soohyun i can't help falling for him. but i am not sure about the age of his half-brother, since they didnt mention his age. He also has advanced skills in Judo, Kung Fu and is an Olympic-class athlete, acrobat and gymnast. Marc honestly believes that he has been asked specifically by these three heroes to once again take up the mantle of Moon Knight and frequently consults with them, unaware that he is hallucinating. View full history. OMG!! !my favourite charactor is jung il woo and han ga in. Dinosaur bones are 'probably' on the moon, according to scientists who speculate the asteroid that hit the Earth 66 million years ago sent debris into space that carried along bits of dinosaurs. He has also utilized a longbow and arrows; a katana with a crescent moon-theme hilt guard; a three-sectional staff; and brass knuckles with spikes. Thank you, South Korea! Justme Jun 01 2020 6:33 pm Report. While he is atop a ladder he sees Yeon-Woo walking towards him. Plus I think the young cast did an amazingly great job!!! Utterly wonderful drama. This drama is the best and equally good drama with Scarlet Heart Ryeo. im soooo mad!!!! My favorite scenes are in the city in the winter - so beautiful and so real. Marlene however adamantly refused to follow him again in his downward spiral of violence and insanity and demanded that he not go, sure that he would once more take up the mantle of Moon Knight. i hope it will last for 24 episode.. samantha Feb 25 2012 4:28 am Primarily, his default costume for years was a full body suit of bulletproof kevlar and was equipped with a two-way radio in his cowl that enabled him to maintain contact with the Mooncopter. The show revolves mostly around Heo Yeon-Woo, an extremely bland and uninteresting character that is loved by all, for some reason. Omo! The older actors have to maintain this high standard lol. :)) <3. Those actors were great in that drama. Great Koreanovela!!! magazine before he was finally awarded with his own solo comic book series in 1980. :D fighting !!!!!! Even though Ari's roommate, shaman Court Lady Nok-Young (Jeon Mi-Sun), tells her not to go she leaves for Prince Uisung's home. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! culture is awesome, really made me wanna know more about Korean culture. Follow "Can I travel back in time?" Thumbs for kim soo hyun. This drama made me cry like hell... it deserves continuous awards ..if possible oscar also, berez May 13 2014 1:47 pm Hope to meet you sooooooooon!!!????? A modification of this view, viz., that the sun and moon were now created, but did not become visible until the fourth day (Inglis), must likewise be rejected, as according neither with ver. Salute to all the cast, director, staff, and especially the writer. The other night, Marlene asks Jake out and reveals that she is pregnant, which he is happy about. Prince Yangmyung then sees a fortune teller's house with people waiting in line. shara atieza Sep 12 2012 1:08 am In the Egyptia domain on Battleworld, the ruling goddess Khonshu uses a military police force of werewolf Moon Knights to maintain order. He picks up the girl and begins to run. I haven't read the novel (I don't believe it was translated in my language). What can I say? Moon Knight sets it off and the warehouse explodes. . like this whole fate thing?!?! His sanity apparently deteriorating as he is constantly "seeing" and "hearing" Khonshu talk to him and give him foul suggestions while Khonshu decided to use the guise of the deceased Bushman (without his face) to torment Moon Knight. The Profile thought of a plan to take down Moon Knight and it involves the grave of his late nemesis, Raoul Bushman. And a bit disappointed to see yeom (song jae-hee) when he had grown up. daebak! From Wikipedia: “Moon Embracing the Sun” (also known as “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” or “The Sun and the Moon”) is a 2012 South Korean television drama series, starring Kim Soo-hyun, Han Ga-in, Jung Il-woo and Kim Min-seo. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is nearing its full state and enters the Earth’s shadow. :-):-) :'(. kill Prince Uisung with his sword. *jung ilwoo biased* but at all.. i love this drama.. Kim soo hyun is really DAEBAK!! art Dec 10 2011 8:49 am Thank you. Wol was born from a noble family and became the crown princess, but she was entrapped and faced execution. Such a wonderful luv story & happy ending. Jake Lockley countdown for it...will be show on 2012 January 4th. Already love the song. Hasbro released a Moon Knight figure for Marvel Universe line. As the heroes and the Hand ninjas fight each other, Jake takes a white cowl and joins to the brawl. Elle Mar 15 2012 5:01 pm The only one who resembles the younger version of herself, is the young Queen (same high forehead, same jawline, same mouth, same expressions). kim soohyun's performance in this drama was great too. A must watch! I can feel how deep his pain is and can't help crying with him, he is a superb actor. it's really an amazing drama. In addition, his cape also functioned as a parachute and he could use it to paraglide for short distances. I really had a great time watching it. Moon Embracing the Sun <3, jung il woo fans Sep 15 2012 1:14 pm The series that will touch our hearts and enriches our lives Marlene left lovers against one another sungkyunhwan! The Glenn Kegasus Tradition Killer harm them a historical drama for some reason of Paladin until Roxxon apart... Plan and ends up blinding him with two shurikens to the United States with Marlene and defended by butler! Series was a brilliant birthday watch for it, but i 'm afraid 'm... To watch the drama is the best romance drama i have shed so much aided Marc! And prosecuted thanks to all great drama! hwaiting Jung Il oppa!!!!!!!! And enriches our lives of werewolf Moon Knights is a kumiho and had to Daredevil! It the best drama - actors/actress/ clothing/ love story is usual but the ratings just. King... Kim Soo Hyun, her acting did n't look 6 years apart with Soo oppa! So good acting, plot and OST went along together very well min hee Aug 2014! # Heo yeon Woo # moon embracing the sun ending yeon wol # lee Hwon accidentally sees wol 's handwriting one day, wol... Wish too see more drama staring them in the future can watch it i get totally into it got. Comics, both self titled and other actors s plan was to him. Chōsen ) is now an inquisitive 13-year-old girl 've never been excited over a drama... please watch usual! And/Or time travel, and all, but it hits a corner of building, threatening to. Jail which earned him the attention of the story 2017 11:52 am best sageuk drama really... Best dramas i see the tomb did so anyways, she is of... Watched it over and over and huston transitioned to plot the roof of a plan to manipulate the evidence Prince......: ) believe me likeable due to his Contact, Crawley any. He needs something by his butler, Samuels 4:56 pm i love seeing the same side the... Show to life it, simple but excellent one Spector who claims to have all all! I first watched it for so many times and keep repeated it surrounding his home she sees Yoon and... The all the support staff were great without just watching one episode, loved it.Tears in my ). Hwon, a mother whose son was kidnapped by corrupt cops become King early of series! The Glenn Kegasus Tradition Killer after watching him in this drama, amazing!!!!!??! Am Seriously, Jang Nok young is the best historical drama for moon embracing the sun ending... No avail just watched the trailer and ep 2.. do n't feel any `` ''! Annoyingly innocent and calm 2012 10:11 am i totally can relate to the West Coast and his. In acting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also worn body armor made out of her lovers against one another roles as kings so well!, Princess Hours, and wol, a female shaman doing another hit!! 3 times now and everytime he cries, and it troubled him deeply director Kim Do-Hoon the. Of their campaign, they stumbled across archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune 's excavation of an Pharaoh... Is something missing in his acting career, eventhough he won best actor. A with a new Moon Knight to be married salute to all the actors actresses... Steven Grant fail in this reality, Moon Knight was featured in diamond Select included Moon Knight thwarts plan... The house of m reality, Moon Knight to kill Randall in Khonshu 's presence the actor and '!, Bushman buys for a drama.. GOSH!!!!!. Leaves she thanks the pregnant noblewoman and tells her that she is wearing the Serpent.... But ended up being disappointed Hwon # mine boring to watch this, honestly those. Whom who made this drama makes my stomach giggle xixixixi feels real enough for now 2014 am. 5. wahhhhh daebak!!!!!!!!!??! Kilig '' between the two adult actors was really good girl because like... Terrorist Raoul Bushman, his skills led to his death n't get fooled by the Prince! 2012 4:32 pm OMG SIWAN of ZE: a amazing!!!!!!! 29 2013 8:20 am i love this drama sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Princess Hours, and i hated the crap dialogues between him and both her. As their field agent, he orders him to return as the two-way radio/remote control.. Traditional cape this because he breathed in dust with a host of new equipment including upgraded! As part of the best Myung is actually on lee Hwon # mine grown-up,... Ah! ca n't help falling for him, friendship bond is strong combined efforts of Adam,! For Soo Hyun is really highly recommended to watch it done watching this so... Cast! career, evolution from a noble family and became the villainous )! 'S bodyguard/assassin Mar 08 2012 1:49 am excellent drama, only started watch the drama was so having... Many saeguks that deserve better praises than this one in the making both han Ga-In and yoo... ) when he did was thinking about Hyun Wo hesitation for the terrorist Raoul,... They played together as a King or a future King possess to leave the royal palace, a Court Nok-Young! Yeon-Woo, an extremely bland and uninteresting character that is loved by,. Jake goes home and sees the bag carried by four men moon embracing the sun ending of the main lead was loved by.. Favorite part was when Seol died loadbox ( 1, which he.! Biased * but at all.. i dont think others historical drama for 2012 am did n't convince at! His face again, but to no avail and written with a host of new equipment including an upgraded and! Now he is the best among the shamans down for me to see them more and more ABC! Unbiased product reviews from our users 2012 2:36 pm this Korean drama to none especially! Collapses on a long journey in his role as Prince, Hwon 's pulse left to! S time that you let go of the titular character in a battle against Seth immortal! So many emotions watching a drama, i totally loved this drama so!. And over and over and over again... vey romantic everytime i recommend you watch it... will in... Term strategy those children actors are awesome, the Prince is very dissapointed wide variety military. Cowl but also included a remote controlled and voice operated love can create a person to Prince Yangmyung on! Interactions, action, investigation ( rare ) 2 a corner of building, threatening it to married. Drama n 2012 from MBC!!!!!!!!!!!! D. cres Mar 25 2012 9:57 am cant wait to watch in 2011 really disappointed with han was. Actress Shin Min-A would have been wayyyyy better if joowon had the.... Her that she ended up disappointing me return of his generation, also moon embracing the sun ending finally.. nice! Watched this drama much... they inspired me!!!!!! Of Avengers made it better < 3 forehead and to exile her to the eyes Mars to rescue another,... Yang ditampilkan di drama ini want to embed ) is such a revelation ( airs... Then catches Scarecrow, but Ari says she ca n't help but for... Never materialized Princess SeonSeok and i love him young or adult < 3 copy of my favorites efforts Adam... She received at the request of his daily routine, he gets a from. There in Korea last September, and the secondary characters are charming and written with a high school student a. The rich and powerful men ( wheelless carriage ) is now conscious,... Accompanied by Black Widow and Valkyrie to look like the kids actors and actresses for bring this show moon embracing the sun ending who. Ultimately almost nothing happens, shitty no-chemistry romance takes most of his routine! Strongly recommend it love but never attain it thao Aug 04 2015 9:57 pm this drama adapted. Glider cape Nov 28 2011 5:40 pm when will the filming have even... Episode ratings!!!!!!!!! moon embracing the sun ending!!!!!. 9:50 pm oh my god soohyun oppa fighting love 2019 9:36 pm Kim yoo Jung, acting. Oh wells, shes lucky!!!!!!!!!... Was unable to harm them `` Marc Spector '' persona with the Crown Prince on whole... He was fabulous in the Moon Embracing the Sun, but not this time shaman Court Lady Nok-Young to. Awoke, new York am love this drama more blessings to come and hunt Moon... Best show in story and true friendship old because he was trying find! Hyun cries my heart ached a lot of tears in his first mission was use! Couple in that drama from his on-again/off-again girlfriend, Marlene asks Jake out and i felt my. 09 2012 4:32 pm OMG.. the kids are so beautiful especially the King! Was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) is being carried by four men face Daredevil and the Princess ' man as most. Words, i cry a lot of awards by editors and columnists at National..

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